Shipping Questions:

There is not a valid answer to this question. It all depends on the country from which you are making an order. Delivery within North America takes 5-7 business days. Delivery to other countries takes 8-14 business days. Business days do not include weekends and holidays.

Yes, we deliver replica watches in all countries of the world.

Shipping costs $25

All duties and tariffs are responsibility of our customers, because we do not have control over such charges and we cannot predict possible charges If you have any questions about this matter, than please, do not hesitate to contact your local custom office.

No. We do need some amount of time to verify the order details and to package the replica watch that you have ordered. After verification of order details and after confirmation we send watches to our packaging and shipping department. You will get your watch in 5-7 days (or more, depending on the country) after your order was processed. Please, note that business days are all days, except for weekends and holidays. We again pay your attention to the fact that business days do not imply weekends and holidays.

No, we do not ship watches overnight, this is impossible because of a very big number of orders. Sorry for inconvenience.

No, there are no hidden fees. You must pay for the watch that you have ordered an for shipping – we do not require any additional payment. However, it stands to mention that in some countries some customer charges are required. We are not responsible for these charges, so please, apply to your local custom service for more detailed information.

Security Questions:

Yes, we guarantee confidentiality and security of each of our customers, and we are glad to provide secure shopping experience for everyone who makes purchases at our website. You mustn’t worry about your confidentiality when browsing our site or making purchases – all operations are performed with maximum discretion.

You are required to leave the minimum of your personal information only for proper execution of your order and for some unforeseen situations in which we will have to contact you – for instance, if something goes wrong with your order. Please, do not worry when leaving your phone number – no one will disturb you in vain.

As you can see above, your phone number is used with only one purpose – to contact you in case if something is unclear. We never share our customer’s phone numbers with anyone, neither we sell telephone numbers. We keep telephone numbers in our databases and no third parties have access to our databases. The numbers are kept for future reference – when a customer wants to make another order.

Your personal information is available only to our staff. Since confidentiality and security of our customers are one of our main priorities, we never share personal information of our customers with anyone.

We use the latest technologies of leakage prevention. Secure Socket Layer, that is used at our site, allows to keep information encrypted. Thus this program provides save credit card transactions. No one will know your credit card details, so you do not have to worry, your credit card details will not be used for criminal purposes.

Payment, Exchange and Refund Questions:

We currently accept two types of credit cards – Visa and Mastercard. With these credit cards you can make purchases at our site and you do not have to worry about safety of credit card transactions – due to Secure Socket Layer that keeps information encrypted, all credit card transactions at our site are absolutely safe.

Yes, we will refund or exchange any unwanted product within 30 days of arrival.
We pay your attention to the fact that the 30-day warranty on replica watches covers only manufacturer’s defects . This implies that we will refund only a watch that has manufacturer’s defects. If the watch was damaged by the user, it will not be refunded, neither it will be exchanged. Our sharp-eyed returns examination department will define character of the defect, and if it turns out to be caused by the customer, unfortunately, there will be no refund or exchange the product. So please, be careful, keep your watch away from damage and water.

If you want the replica watch you received refunded or exchanged, than, please, follow this procedure:
* First of all, inform us through an e-mail letter about the problem at [email protected] Please, do not forget to note what you want – a refund or an exchange.
* Please, include in your letter your order number as well as an approximate purchase date.
* Let some time to get the answer.
* You will receive an e-mail with return code that you will have to enclose to the package with your watch. As well you will receive the address where you must send the unwanted product. Write the return code on the package and send the watch to us.

Unfortunately, no. The watch that you want refunded or exchanged must be in the same condition as you received. Watches with defects that are caused by improper use or water can be neither refunded nor exchanged. Also there must be all links with which the watch came – if there were any, otherwise your watch will not be accepted.

In case, if it is necessary we will do our best to exchange the unwanted watch for a similar one. However, if this is impossible, you can choose any other watch of the same price or of other price. If you choose a more expensive replica watch, than you will be asked to enclose additional money to cover the price difference. If you choose a cheaper timepiece, than we will cover the price difference.

Please, wait for 30 days.


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