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Actually, there are differences and similarities between replica watches and authentic watches. Replica watches look the same as genuine watches. If, for instance, you compare a genuine Breitling watch and a Breitling replica watch of the same model, you will realize that both these watches look the same and it is almost impossible to find any difference between these two timepieces. However, it stands to mention that replica watches are not made out of the same materials as genuine watches. A genuine watch can be made out of precious metals, such as gold or platinum, while replica watches almost never include precious metals or gems. Nevertheless, replica watches do look good, so you do not have to worry about this matter.

Though replica watches are not produced by famous brands, they are really accurate and reliable. Replica watches are equipped with high quality movements, so they are up to the highest standards of quality. Truly speaking, not all replica watches are of high quality, there are cheap fakes that only remind of original timepieces. We guarantee that all replica watches that are sold at our store correspond to the highest standards of quality. Our watches are characterized by elegant design and perfect reliability.

You might wonder “Why should I prefer replica watches? If both replica watches and original watches are watches of high quality, then what can make me buy a replica?”. The answer is very simple. Together with all their great characteristics, replica watches have one more advantage that is a weighty argument to buy a replica watch. Replica watches are much less expensive than originals. You want your watch to be beautiful, accurate and reasonably priced, don’t you? However, genuine watches are incredibly expensive. Replica watches give you a great chance to make your dream true very easily – they are very accessibly priced.

No, they aren’t. We sell only new replica watches. You can be sure that the watch you have bought has not belonged to anyone before.
Do you guarantee high reliability and durability of your watches? Will my watch serve me for a long time?
Yes, we do guarantee high quality of our replica watches. Your watch will not be broken once you open the package, what is more, it will serve you for a very long time, provided you care for it properly. There are special rules that must be followed in order to prolong the lifespan of your watch. You must keep your watch away from damage, you must not expose it to unfavorable conditions – only in this case you will use your watch for as long time as you wish, until you get bored with it – no matter if it is a genuine watch or a replica. One more recommendation – we recommend you to have your watch serviced once in 2 years, even if you are sure your watch works perfectly.

Yes, we do our best to update our catalogue on regular basis. You are welcome to browse our catalogue where you are very likely to find new watch models. Our catalogue comprises the latest replica watch models of many world known brands. We are very glad to offer to your attention a very rich catalogue of replica watches. Our catalogue caters to all tastes. Whatever watch you wish to find – a classic, a sports one, a watch for a man or for a woman – you will find the watch that you need in our catalogue.

Our printed catalogue is being in development now, but you can print any of pictures displayed at our website. Our site is printer-friendly.

Most of our replica watches that we are glad to offer to your attention at our site, are equipped with sapphire crystal. The main advantage of sapphire crystal over a regular glass is very high scratch resistance.

Yes, all our replica watches have very accurate markings and engravings.

With any of our replica watches you must not be afraid of being caught in the rain, but you must be careful. Please, keep in mind that our replica watches are not designed for diving or swimming. Take your replica watch off when you are going to have a shower, otherwise water is likely to damage your watch.

An automatic watch is a watch with self-winding mechanism. This implies that the owner of an automatic watch does not have to wind it. Such a watch does not require batteries. All users of automatic watches are recommended to service their timepieces regularly – ideally once in two years.
A chronograph is a watch that is used as a stopwatch timer. Chronographs differ from one another – some of them have a center second hand that is intended to keep time on the main dial, while other chronographs feature sub-dials that keep track of elapsed time. Also, there is a type of chronograph that shows elapsed time on a digital display on the face. Actually, there are more than 3 types of chronographs, these are basic types. Chronographs also differ from one another by functions.
A quartz watch is powered by a battery. The main advantage of a quartz watch is that such a watch is likely to serve you for a longer time than an automatic watch. The only disadvantage of a quartz watch is that it is powered by battery. If you forget to replace the battery with a fresh one, your watch will stop.

A sweeping second hand, unlike ticking second hand sweeps smoothly. Such a second hand does not tick once a second, like a ticking second hand. If you want a watch with a sweeping second hand, you should opt for automatic watches, because most quartz watches and chronographs have ticking second hands.

We display only pictures that are taken of real watches that we sell. Thus any of our customers can decide whether he or she likes this or that watch or not – these are not pictures of the originals. We are glad to inform you that all the pictures you see are taken by professional photographers.

The procedure is the following. First of all you will have to turn the button in anti-clockwise direction. Then, please, pull the button softly – this can be done with your first and second finger. The button must be pulled with very little force. Now you can set the time – in anti-clockwise direction. After you have set the time, push the button back – turn it clockwise for a few rounds.

The first step is to turn the button anti-clockwise for a few rounds. The second step is to pull the button (softly, with your thumb nail and first finger nail). Here again, you must be very careful – no force must be applied. After you feel a “click” you can set the date – turn the button in one direction. After you have set the date you will have to push back the button and to wind it clockwise for a few times.
Why are your replica watches more expensive than replica watches that are sold by street vendors? You are right – our replica watches are more expensive than those that are sold by street vendors and even those that are sold at some other websites, but there is a certain reason for such a difference between prices. Our replica watches are of very high quality and, as you know, production of high quality products always involves much expenses. Production of pour quality products is cheap, that is why some replica watches are very cheap. Our replica watches are not cheap, they are accessibly priced.




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